Why is Syd Barrett a Tragic Hero?

A tragic revolutionizer

Syd Barrett is tragic hero for several reasons. First of all it is of course a shame that such a perfectly good rock musician was destroyed by drugs. It is a pity that we haven’t been able to enjoy more of his musical talents. Secondly, only he himself can be held responsible for his tragic live because he decided to start experimenting with drugs. He was not able to oversee the consequences that using drugs would have on his live. Thirdly, he has fallen from great heights because Pink Floyd is accepted as one of the greatest progressive rock bands of the 20th century, and his life after Pink Floyd has been far from great. It is hard to say this about such an influential figure in music history, but he was effectively just a junk after his membership of Pink Floyd. This is what makes his live such a tragic one: his life could have been glamorous, but in fact was quite the opposite because of his drug addiction. Still, Syd Barrett will be remembered as one of the revolutionizers in psychedelic rock music. A true tragic hero.

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