King Arthur
Attribute Yes No
Born of Noble Birth X
Responsible for own fate X
Has a tragic flaw X
Doomed to make a serious error in judgment X
Falls from great heights or from high esteem X
Realizes he has made an irreversible mistake X
Faces and accepts death with honor X
Meets a tragic death X
King Arthur by Clive Owen from the Movie released in 2004

• King Arthur is a literary figure, recently chosen as one of the 100 greatest Britons of all time, even though there is very little historical evidence of his existence.
• Various differing stories have been written about his life.
• He is crowned King of Britain at young age.
• Glorious victories with his knights and the wizard/his adviser Merlin.
• He’s the owner of the mystical sword Excalibur.
• He undertakes the quest for the Holy Grail.
• As Arthur is away from Camelot, where he lives, he is told his trusted relative, Mordred, who he has left in charge while he was away, has married Arthur’s wife. In a fight he kills him, but Arthur is mortally wounded in the fight.
• He then leaves Britain to go to an island to heal from his wounds, but he is never seen again.

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